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Thailand is wellknown for its Thai massages. As a massage lover i couldn’t make it without mentioning to the point of Thai massages. As a region, Far East is one of the best part of the world where you can find good massages. More over Thailand can be mentioned as the number one in all Far East countries. Since massage is an important sector for the Thai people, it is being taken seriously and being done professionally as many people make a living out of this sector.

There is an obligation for the people who will work in this sector to get a traning session in a school. And as far as i know, they can only get a certificate after having a 2-3 months traning.

Only with these certificates , people can work in the massage saloons. For Tourists, there are some intensive massage courses. When you go to Thailand you can attend to this kind of courses for to make your beloved ones happy. 😉

Tayland'da Masaj Fiyatları
Tayland’da Masaj Fiyatları

Oil Massage >>> 1 Hour >>> 300 – 500 Baht

Thai Massage >> 1 Hour >>> 150 – 250 Baht

Foot Massage >> 1 Hour >>> 150 – 250 Baht

Aromatheraphy > 1 Hour >>> 350 – 600 Baht

If you have a travel plan to Thailand, you should go once in everyday 🙂 You will feel fresh and relaxed 😉

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