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Pattaya Gece Hayatı
Pattaya Gece Hayatı


Let us mention about the Pattaya night life that makes every man feel like Brad Pitt…

Pattaya is 24 hour living city.

It is possible to find something to do whatever the time is. There is no way for feeling bored.

Since there are lots of things to do in Pattaya both in the day or night time, I suggest planning your Pattaya trip for 1 week

I will try to describe Pattaya for the people who haven’t been there yet;

It is an entertainment city where you can find thousands of bars, massage saloons, hundreds of go go bars, night clubs, street shows, Thai girls standing through the beach and with lots of 7-11 that are open 24 hours all the way through the city.

I have to mention that in Pattaya  it is not possible to be alone for a man unless he wants to be.

If we come to the things you can do in Pattaya night life;


Massage in Pattaya;

Pattaya is also wellknown for its massages like .You can find a massage saloon in every corner.You should try the Thai massages which are very famous and cheap.

There are different types of massages such as ;Feet massage, Thai massage ( applies to all over the body), oil massage, aroma therapy (mostly for women) etc.

The prices can vary according to the place it is located and the quality of the saloon. And the prices will be between 100Baht and 400Baht for 1 hour. However by giving an  price around 200Baht and with a tip, you can have 1 hour relaxing time,comfort and happiness.

One of the things that I am longing for in Thailand is the massage.















Bars in Pattaya;

You can find everywhere  different kind of bars which is inevitable for Pattaya night life.

These bars are also open in the daytime which means you can have your beer and chat with the Thai ladies who serve you.

Besides, you can also have options such as billards or dart boards which you can play with your firends or the girls.

The price for 1 play is around 20Baht. The price for beer is around 90Baht. And  if you want to buy a drink to the ladies who accompany you, the price is around 120Baht.

If you want to go out with the ladies, you have to pay an additional 300Baht to the bar.

Go Go bars in Pattaya;

Go go bars are expensive when compared to the other bars in Pattaya. And the concept of the go go bars are different. So you should ask for the prices before you go inside.

In go go bars, the ladies dance together and take off their clothes.And after the show, they come by  and spend time with you in the bar.And if you want to spend time with them the bill will be expensive. So be carefull.

It is possible to lose yourself as the ladies are very beautiful and professional.

The price for the beer is starting  130Baht and if you want to go out with the ladies, it will be around 600Baht and besides you have to pay some money to the bar.

Night Clubs;

Club Insomnia, Disco Mixx, Lucifer Disco are some of the night clubs can be found in Pattaya.

Because of its  concept, the type of music and friendly staff, I prefer Insomnia.

You can try all the clubs and find the best one for yourself.

I am always giving the prices of the beers in order to make it easier or you to compare.

Till the midnight price for beer is 90Baht and after midnight it will be 150Baht.

And these prices can change a little whether it is high season or low season.

You watch the loveliest girls of Insomnia or you can even dance with them.The night clubs are mainly for the tourists but at the same time they are famous for Thai girls. So it is nearly impossible for a man who arrives there alone and  leave alone. And like many other night clubs, Pattaya night clubs are open till the very early lights ofthe morning.

Walking street :

This is the name of the street where you can find all the above and it is the heart of Pattaya night life.

It is impossible to explain you should live it.

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This is all I can write for now. If you have questions, you can reach me via e-mail.


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