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Boracay is the most popular and colorful  island of Philippines. The reason for its being popular is that everyone can find something accoding to his vacation mentality. White sands, restaurants with different tastes of world kitchen, bars and night clubs throughout the beaches can give you everything that you expect from a vacation.

In general, the most important point about the night life is its expensiveness as you all know.

However; when we compare to the other parts of the world, the prices of the nightlife in Boracay (mostly the same as the other islands of Philippines) is still acceptable and not so expensive.

I will give some prices as a reference.

In bars, 6 pack beers are sold. The prices of 6 pack beers will vary according to the time of the day or the quality of the bar / the club.

The prices can change between 300Pesos and 450 Pesos and the prices of the cocktails are in between 100Pesos and 200Pesos.

In short, we can say that the money you will pay in night clubs or bars in Boracay ,will not make you upset.

There are several bars where you can find live music and you can also find a few  night clubs  in Boracay.

Besides, if you want to sit on the beaches and enjoy the wonderful view of Boracay; the bars arealso offering a romantic candle night   on some cushions and seats.

You can walk thorughout the beach road and decide which bar  you will go. And for sure throughout the road, there will be some people who wants to sell massage packages or  tours and there maybe some Philippinn girls who want to attract your attention. 😉 😉

I hope one day you will find oppotunity to go there.


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